Friday, 20 October 2017

It came from The Mall

Well...I have a confession to make...I am a mall Goth because I bought this shirt at The Mall! Ahhhh!!!!

A lot of 60-70's fashion seem to hit the mainstream this year. This means that bell-sleeves are in! I had a top very similar to this one back in the nineties when I was a kid. I wore it until it became a rag so when I saw this one in the store, I snatched it up. There were many different colours available to choose from but naturally, I chose black! I love that it was on sale too! If I remember correctly, I paid a whole whopping $10 for it!

I know many of us often scoff when items that we like to wear are offered in the mainstream. I used to scoff at that idea too but when you are on a budget, it is nice to have some items fill your closet. Now that this top is "in"  there is a good chance one would be able to get away with wearing it in an office! I think in situations like these, it is best to take advantage since it will go out of fashion soon (you can most probably find it in a thrift in a couple of months) and the normies will move on but you, my friend, will have the clothes when no one else is wearing it and your mall Goth secret will be safe!

There's no Hot Topic where I am from, life is so hard!!!! Woe is me!!!

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Monthly Music Spotlight: The Vampire Beach Babes

Logo taken from
My husband introduced me to this band! I think it was even before we started dating and we were just friends. He came over to my house and brought over a compilation CD for us to listen to. The song "Gothic Surf-A-Rama" came on at the end of the CD and I was hooked! After doing some research on this band, I discovered they are fellow Canadians from Toronto, Ontario. Hey, this is something to be proud of! Aside from Skinny Puppy and Rhea's Obsession there are not many bands from Canada that I enjoy.

On behalf of Canada, I sincerely apologize for unleashing Celine Dion and Justin Bieber to the world! I hang my head in shame! For shame, I tell you, for shame!  It is nice that I can say there is some music I enjoy that are Canadian and that I don't want to hurl whenever I listen to them. Since Dion and Arcade Fire are local, I am constantly hearing their shit everywhere I go. I don't mind Arcade Fire so much but if I hear another rendition of "My Heart Will Go On", I am going to go postal!

 If you are into the Gothabilly/surf style type of music, this would probably be a go-to band to listen to. I like to tell people that this is the Beach Boys gone goth. Enjoy!

Monday, 16 October 2017

Shadows of the Imp

Thanks to my weight loss, my self confidence has increased. Not only did I get an excuse to buy some new outfits, I also am learning new ways to wear old items.Very recently, I gained the self confidence to wear a t-shirt as a long dress (usually with Leggings or tight pants) and was quite pleased.

The pic below was my source for inspiration, in fact, I used to always envy the alternative models for being able to pull off this look because I personally felt like this didn't suit me in the past:
This is where I got the image

I felt more confident pulling this off recently when I tried on my Depeche Mode t-shirt I got at the concert. There are times, I love "short girl problems!" and this is one of those times! The shirt fits me well and covers enough where my backside isn't too exposed!

Taken before the black hair!!! Overly priced concert t-shirt for the win! Go me!!!

I am wearing a Headless Horseman t-shirt that I am happy I get to keep because my son picked it out for me! The shirt is a size too big and I am glad I found a nice way to wear it!

Yes, my hair is wet in these photos, haha!!!


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